Truths for Life series by Jim Berg

When Trouble Comes

When Jim Berg completed the second book in his Christian discipleship series, Created for His Glory, it appeared that he had produced a well-rounded program for spiritual growth, simple enough for young believers, When Trouble Comesas well as informative and challenging to those with years of Christian experience. The Lord expanded Dr. Berg’s ministry by enabling him to reach out to the bereaved and to those in crisis through his newest book, When Trouble Comes.

Written both for those in trouble and for those helping others, When Trouble Comes takes the grieving and downcast by the hand and leads them to the still waters they so desperately need. No matter the trial, Dr. Berg’s book lays forth the simple and scriptural guidelines people need to keep going, to survive spiritually, and to stabilize emotionally.

A compact design, When Trouble Comes is an appropriate gift. Suited to nearly any circumstance of heartache, it is enough, but not too much to assimilate. Dedicated to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in America’s tragedy on September 11, 2001, When Trouble Comes serves to faithfully point its readers to Christ at a tender and crucial time in their lives.