Resources for people in need.

In crises, it’s important to respond correctly. We want to provide you with the resources to help you respond well—no matter what crisis arrives in your life. In order to help, we’ve made available several of Dr. Berg’s messages, chapters from several of his books, and video footage from talks with Dr. Berg, all free of charge.

Look Inside the Book


Download the When Trouble Comes seminar (MP3 format)

Responding to the Spirit  (9.3MB)

Encouragement through essential truths for change

Rejoicing in the Cross  (9.5MB)

The centrality of the Cross in the Christian life

How to Quiet a Noisy Soul  (9.1MB)

Refocusing our hearts on God

God’s Secret of Satisfaction  (10.2MB)

Lessons on the meaning of life from Ecclesiastes